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          Global Challenge

          We aspire to bring our research and discoveries to address challenges facing our world in the 21st century

          Man does not live in isolation from the natural world. No matter how much technology advances we are co-dependent and must learn to nurture and treasure the only planet we have.

          We are dedicated to the well-being of the environment, starting with the air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the very ground that lies beneath our feet. ?Guarding the planet for future generations is never an easy task, but we have dedicated a broad spectrum of resources to address these issues.

          We are protecting the health of our environment through research projects and technologies developed by our world-class departments such as Ocean Science, interdisciplinary single issues institutions such as the HKUST Energy Institute.
          what we do

          Department of Ocean Science

          We use next-generation marine science and technology to enhance scientific expeditions of the ocean, develop sustainable utilization of resources, prepare for long-term climate change, and address socio-economic and sustainable development on all scales.


          Energy Institute

          We aim to be a global leader in cutting-edge research, development, and education in sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and utilization through multidisciplinary methodologies, and at the same time look to impact Hong Kong’s energy future.



          Personalized Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure Hong Kong is an innovative mobile app to help us manage our individual exposure to air pollutants down to the street level.


          The SANI Process

          A sewage treatment that uses seawater in place of fresh water, leading to the conservation of freshwater resources.


          Landslide Mitigation

          We are leads research project to mitigate the risks and damage of landslides in Hong Kong by analyzing debris flow.


          Air Purification Technology

          Our researchers have developed an air purification system that removes up to 99.999 percent of airborne bacteria and viruses.